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EP 38: Medical Violence with Storm O’Brink

**Trigger Warning** This episode includes material that may be triggering to victims of sexual assault and/or medical violence.

EP 37: Intersection of Religion and Abortion with Dr. McLean

In this episode we explore the intersection of religion and abortion with Dr. McLean. We discuss how religion/spirituality and abortion are not mutually exclusive, we answer our first listener question, and we discuss how to communicate with patients if a provider or institute does not provide contraception or abortion services.

EP 36: Pregnancy and COVID-19 with Dr. Villavicencio

In this episode we speak with Dr. Villavicencio about navigating pregnancy and birth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EP 35: Trauma Informed Telehealth with Dr. Megan Gerber

In this episode we interview Dr. Megan Gerber about how to provide trauma informed care during televisits, including synchronous video visits. We cover everything from what is trauma informed care, to tips and tricks on how to prevent triggering, and what to do if a patient becomes triggered during a telehealth visit.

EP 34: Medical Improv with Jonathan Garland

In this episode we interview Jonathon Garland, an improv expert, on how medical communication can be enhanced through improv techniques.

EP 33: Black Women and Maternal Mortality with Lastascia Coleman and Lynette Cooper

This episode is an absolute must listen to. In this episode we talk with Lynette Cooper, Nurse Practitioner and Educator, and Lastascia Coleman, a Nurse Midwife, about Black women and maternal mortality. This episode also adds to our previous conversations about reproductive justice, reproductive coercion, and health disparities.

EP 32: Weight Stigma with Dr. April Prunty

In this episode we interview Dr. April Prunty, a nurse researcher, about her dissertation work regarding weight stigma.

EP 31: Humor with Karyn Buxman

In this episode we interview Karyn Buxman, a neurohumorist, about integrating humor into practice to help increase trust equity with patients.

EP 30: Language and Pronouns with Francis Kuehnle

In this critical and foundational episode we interview Francis Kuehnle about the importance of language and pronouns. This episode includes discussions about how to inquire about pronouns, what to do if you mess up, and why using appropriate pronouns are so important.

EP 29: Evidence Based Birth with Dr. Rebecca Dekker

In this episode we talk about Evidence Based Birth (EBB) with Dr. Rebecca Dekker, the founder of EBB. EBB is an incredible resource for providers and expecting parents to get methodologically sound literature reviews on birth topics including, but not limited to, vitamin K, eye ointment, eating during labor, due dates, PROM, large babies, and due dates. Both Nicole and Stephanie have used this evidence during their pregnancies and highly recommend this as a must-have for anyone providing care to expectant parents or parents themselves.

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