Meet the Guests

Wendy Powell, CEO of MUTU System

Wendy Powell is a globally recognized leading voice on physiological postpartum issues and body confidence, bringing education and inspiration to online and live audiences. Certified postpartum exercise and recovery specialist, international speaker, award winning entrepreneur, author and teacher, she is creator and CEO of world best-selling program MUTU® System and accredited education provider MUTU Pro.

After more than 17 years working in this specialist field, Wendy’s work is grounded in the belief that ‘every woman deserves the dignity of a body that works and that makes her feel good’. Her technical expertise, engaging coaching and evidence-based practical strategies ensure that true body confidence is an achievable goal for women.

MUTU System is recommended by medical health professionals around the world including pelvic health specialists, physical therapists and board certified surgeons. Wendy provides trusted and credible resources on postnatal health to healthcare providers. A clinical survey in October 2018* reported significant improvements in postpartum symptoms from MUTU System users.

The highly engaged, body positive and supportive ‘MUTU Mama’ online community offers women a trusted, safe space of education and empowerment through a series of high quality coaching and real-time workout videos. Wendy offers expertise and guidance to moms who want to heal their core and pelvic floor, get strong and fit, and feel truly body confident inside and out. MUTU System is now an award-winning restorative online exercise platform and thriving community of more than 56, 000 women worldwide.

Featured: | Fox News Health | | Gurgle | Mail Online | Mother & Baby and many more…

*906 women who used the MUTU System program completed a survey during October 2018

**Disclaimer: WCH is an ambassador of the MUTU System and we do receive a commission for each sale, however, all commissions are re-invested into the podcast to help us keep recording. We only stand behind products that we believe in and Nicole and Stephanie are both using this program**

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