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As nurse scientists we want to want to respond to the needs of our community, so if there is something you want us to talk about or if you want to be on our podcast contact us!

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WCHAT is the official podcast of WCH. Every two weeks we will “chat” about different topics in sexual and reproductive health and how to improve your communication with your patients about these topics.

The goal of our podcast is to provide health care providers with an easy, convenient, and somewhat entertaining way to enhance their communication with women regarding sexual and reproductive health. Our motivation is to improve the experience women have with their providers while also advancing sexual and reproductive health care. 

While we have studied health communication and health services, we are by no means experts on every topic. So in each podcast we will have a least one guest who is an expert in the topic, give their advice and commentary. Experts may include care providers, researchers, and women. 

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