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The Woman Centered Health Podcast is the official podcast of WCH. Once a month we will “chat” about different topics in sexual and reproductive health and how to improve your communication with your patients about these topics.

The goal of our podcast is to provide health care providers with an easy, convenient, and somewhat entertaining way to enhance their communication with women regarding sexual and reproductive health. Our motivation is to improve the experience women have with their providers while also advancing sexual and reproductive health care. 

While we have studied health communication and health services, we are by no means experts on every topic. So in each podcast we will have a least one guest who is an expert in the topic, give their advice and commentary. Experts may include care providers, researchers, and women. 

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EP 44: Systems Thinking with Claire Phillips

In this episode we interview Claire Phillips, from Nursing the System, about all things systems thinking including what is systems thinking, how anyone can be a systems thinker, and why systems thinking is critical for making meaningful change.

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EP 41: Adoption with Rebecca Vahle

In this episode we interview Rebecca Vahle, Founder and Executive Director at Family to Family Support Network,™ about adoption. This episode is incredibly powerful and will make you question the adoption counseling and care that you are providing. We discuss where language around adoption came from, historical roots of adoption, how to communicate with parents during the adoptive process, and finding/providing ethical and empowering adoption counseling.

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EP 39: “Responsible” Sexual Behavior with Dr. Nicole Loew

In this episode Dr. Loew talks about her dissertation research about responsible sexual behavior (RSB), including how the literature defines RSB, how college women define RSB, and how rural women define and manage RSB in the rural context. We also talk about the pros and cons (mostly cons) of using the concept “responsible behavior.”

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EP 37: Intersection of Religion and Abortion with Dr. McLean

In this episode we explore the intersection of religion and abortion with Dr. McLean. We discuss how religion/spirituality and abortion are not mutually exclusive, we answer our first listener question, and we discuss how to communicate with patients if a provider or institute does not provide contraception or abortion services.

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EP 35: Trauma Informed Telehealth with Dr. Megan Gerber

In this episode we interview Dr. Megan Gerber about how to provide trauma informed care during televisits, including synchronous video visits. We cover everything from what is trauma informed care, to tips and tricks on how to prevent triggering, and what to do if a patient becomes triggered during a telehealth visit.

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EP 30: Language and Pronouns with Francis Kuehnle

In this critical and foundational episode we interview Francis Kuehnle about the importance of language and pronouns. This episode includes discussions about how to inquire about pronouns, what to do if you mess up, and why using appropriate pronouns are so important.

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EP 29: Evidence Based Birth with Dr. Rebecca Dekker

In this episode we talk about Evidence Based Birth (EBB) with Dr. Rebecca Dekker, the founder of EBB. EBB is an incredible resource for providers and expecting parents to get methodologically sound literature reviews on birth topics including, but not limited to, vitamin K, eye ointment, eating during labor, due dates, PROM, large babies, and due dates. Both Nicole and Stephanie have used this evidence during their pregnancies and highly recommend this as a must-have for anyone providing care to expectant parents or parents themselves.

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EP 26: MUTU System with Wendy Powell

In this episode we interviewed Wendy Powell, CEO of MUTU System, about her incredible program to help with pelvic floor issues including prolapse, urinary incontinence, painful sex, and to help diastasis recti or “mommy tummy.” Tune in to hear about how her program was developed and how MUTU has helped Nicole and Stephanie. Listeners also get special discount!

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EP 25: PCOS with Dr. Rashmi Kudesia

In this episode we interview Dr. Rashmi Kudesia about her expertise with PCOS. We cover all things PCOS including diagnosis, managing PCOS, the role of birth control, and how you can help empower patients with a diagnosis of PCOS.

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EP 24: Sex Shame for Providers with Dr. Nikki Julian

In this episode we review a little bit of what we discussed in EP 22 on sex shame and make it more focused for how providers can help their patients deal with shame. We also talk about how to communicate with patients about pornography, kink, and BDSM, and briefly discuss how to deal with physical manifestations of sex shame.

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EP 23: Abortion After Care Instructions with Dr. Zoey Thill

In this episode we interview Dr. Zoey Thill regarding her research with abortion after care instructions. We get into some great discussions about focusing on adverse outcomes, discussing birth control at an abortion appointment, a new concept for us-structural competency, and we finish up with a conversation on the new Reproductive Health Act and what that means for New York.

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EP 21: Trauma Informed Care with Alison Tinker

**Trigger Warning** In this episode we interviewed Alison Tinker, a Midwife, about her work providing trauma informed care. Although we do not discuss specific traumas, this episode could be triggering for trauma survivors. This episode is a must listen to for ANY provider.

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EP 20 Menstrual Health with Elizabeth Graf

In this episode we talk all things menstrual health with Elizabeth Graf. We cover everything from menstrual health as an indicator of overall health, menstrual hygiene, and special considerations for adolescents, trans people, and gender non-binary people.

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DivaCup by Diva International Inc.

In this sponsored episode we interview Carinne Chambers-Saini, CEO of Diva International Inc. maker of the DivaCup, and Sophie Zivku, Diva Inc Communications Manager, about the DivaCup. We discuss what it is, how to use it, how to talk about it, and how this can help the menstruating person.

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EP 19: Infertility and Perinatal Loss with Dr. Stacey Pawlak

In this episode we interview Dr. Stacey Pawlak, a clinical psychologist, regarding her expertise in working with people experiencing perinatal loss & infertility. This episode is must-listen-to if you help patients dealing with infertility, miscarriage, or diagnosing fetal anomalies. If you’re not a provider, learn how to talk to your friends about these difficult situations.

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EngagedMD enables fertility practices to provide a remotely guided experience for patient education and consent - unlike the long consultations, phone calls to staff, in-clinic classes, and paper documents used today. Their education programs are comprised of...

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In this episode we speak with John Haskell, the co-founder of UNA, an anonymous platform where women can seek a sense of community to help them answer questions a deal with personal struggles, especially addiction, and victories. Within the app UNA brings various professionals into the community for AMA or Ask ME Anything. This gives women a chance to ask professionals questions that they otherwise may not feel comfortable bringing to their care providers in a formal setting or feel comfortable enough to ask other women. We had the pleasure of serving as experts recently and felt that this may be an app or platform that providers may want to get involved with or find useful to connect their patients with.

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EP 14: Pelvic Floor with Dr. Sandi Tenfelde

Sandi Tenfelde, PhD, RN, APN is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the  Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program at Loyola University Chicago, Marcella  Niehoff School of Nursing.  She is a certified yoga instructor with a focus on pelvic floor ...

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