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Welcome to the WCH Blog where we write about current events including politics, “viral” posts, new research, the WCH podcast, reflections, and other tips on how to enhance your communication skills.

The goal of the WCH Blog is provide you, sexual and reproductive care providers, with an easy and convenient way to stay connected to the communication world. We understand that you are busy and probably don’t have a lot of time for extra reading, so we will keep our blogs succinct and provide you with some key take away points. Don’t have time to read? Head over to WCH Podcast to listen in anytime and anywhere you are. Also, sign up so that you can stay connected with us!



EP 23: Abortion After Care Instructions with Dr. Zoey Thill

In this episode we interview Dr. Zoey Thill regarding her research with abortion after care instructions. We get into some great discussions about focusing on adverse outcomes, discussing birth control at an abortion appointment, a new concept for us-structural competency, and we finish up with a conversation on the new Reproductive Health Act and what that means for New York.

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Do I need to improve the way I communicate with my patients? Women’s stories about why you need Woman Centered Health

The goal of Woman Centered Health is to help you navigate communication barriers so you can have stronger and more trusting relationship with your patients. The first step is always to recognize that we, as a collective of providers, may have issues communicating from time to time and to want to improve. In this post, we share just eight of the over 70 stories women shared with us about times when they felt their provider’s communication led to bad patient care.

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