First we would like to thank everyone for the positive responses we received after launching our pelvic floor episodes. We are now ambassadors of the MUTU System, a program specifically designed to heal Diastasis Recti (seperation of the stomach muscles) and issues caused by impaired pelvic floor functioning like bladder leaking. The MUTU System is an affordable and medically recommended program with amazing results, Stephanie and Nicole included! The support the MUTU program offers and the results other women were having sold us on the program. We only promote products we stand behind and we believe that the MUTU System could be beneficial to you and your patients.

**Disclaimer: WCH is an ambassador of the MUTU System and we do receive a commission for each sale, however, all commissions are re-invested into the podcast to help us keep recording. We only stand behind products that we believe in and Nicole and Stephanie are both using this program**